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Word of Mouth

I am proud to share a handful of recent testimonials from my happy customers. You can also check out my reviews on Yelp at the link below.  If you’ve had experience with me and have feedback, please get in touch - I would love to hear it!

We were so grateful for Sara's help as our night doula when our baby was a couple of weeks old. As a first time mother, everything was so new to me, and I was trying to learn on the go how to breastfeed and how much the baby needs to eat (esp during cluster feeding) and how to put the baby to sleep while being sleep deprived. Sara has a lot of experience and knew exactly what to do. She knows just from holding my baby that he's still hungry vs he's ready to go back to sleep, and I was able to get some sleep in between his night feedings.  I looked forward to Sara's night visits because I knew she would be able to give me some sound advice and ease my anxiety, and I would  be able to get some much needed rest. She knows when to set habits for my baby (yes even that young!) and I was able to build onto what she taught me to adjust as my baby gets older.  Sara is fun to talk to, and she is also available for questions by phone, which is very helpful! I highly recommend Sara for her new parenting services! 

So Grateful for Sara

Sara is a lifesaver and a font of baby wisdom. When our little one was 5 weeks old, I thought I was going to lose it - he was adorable, but he slept only 1.5-2 hours at a time, and I was exhausted.
Enter Sara! Sara came to help us out for just the one night, but she taught us so much that we progressed that week to 3-4 hour stretches and beyond (the night she was there he went 3.5 hours!). She taught us better burping techniques (including one that none of the moms in my group had ever seen!), how to correct his latch, and so forth. We’ve taken baby classes, both online and in person, and they were helpful. What Sara did though was evaluate specifically how to help OUR son.Sara is also just a lovely, kind person, and fun to chat with. I’m so, so grateful she was able to come help us, and wish only that we had contacted her sooner. I can’t recommend Sara enough.

Sara is a life Saver

Sara did a fantastic job sleep-training our 7-month old son. Before getting Sara's professional help, we had tried sleep training on our own, without much success. Within days our son turned from waking-up every 2 hours, and feeding every 4 hours to sleeping through the night. I still can't believe such a rapid change is possible and how much it improved my life. Thank you Sara! You are a life saver!

Sara saved us!! 

Sara is fantastic. She is super knowledgeable and caring.  I have a baby that was born two months early and on oxygen 24/7. I really wanted to have a knowledgeable person watching him at night so I could get rest and sanity while dealing with his preemie issues.  She offered to come meet us in the NICU and meet the nurses to help us transition.  I wasn't ready to trust just anybody with my preemie and her soothing, responsive, and competent approached worked well for us.  She's worked not just with preemies and many many infants but also does sleep training.  She has a fantastic way with infants who seem to understand her prescence and calm.  She offered to help with baths and generally made us feel at ease.  She's got a zillion great tips from breast-feeding to milk storage to sleep training.  I reccomend her highly. 

Sara was the perfect person in one of the most challenging times of our lives - the first 8 weeks following our twin girls' birth. She is a professional with a profound understanding of newborns and postpartum mommies, and her presence was so reassuring and calming that we were able to get as much sleep as possible. But no less important, she is one of the funniest people we met, and her ability to make you crack up in the middle of the night until your stitches hurt is worth its weight in gold. Recommend her full heartedly.

Sara is amazing. She has the IQ to apply her broad knowledge of babies' needs to any situation, and the EQ to deal with tired, stressed new moms and dads. Every night she was with us, we would queue up about 100 questions for her, and she'd dispatch our concerns easily and sensitively. She has our highest trust and confidence! Oh and our little boy LOVES her.

Amazing with Parents and babies

Sara saved my daytime by teaching me how to get my baby to nap. At 10 weeks he would scream when I put him down anywhere and I was having trouble fitting in basic tasks like eating and laundry. Sara taught me how to get my baby to nap in his crib 4 times a day with frequent 1.5/2 hour naps. This helps his nighttime sleep since he has learned how to put himself to sleep.

Equally important to providing tools, Sara is a great instructor. She has confidence and authority so I easily trusted her and followed her lead. She is also approachable and down to earth so I felt I could be honest about all our bad sleeping habits. This made my time with Sara more productive. 

I will be enlist her help sooner with baby #2!

Sara saved us in just a few consultations. 

Testimonials: Testimonials
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